Tears of the Sweet Peninsula - May 25, 1997 Coup and the Sierra Leone Civil Conflict

Hallowell Gbanabom
137 sidor
Häftad PublishAmerica 2005. In May 25, 1997, Sierra Leone experienced one of the most devastating coups in history. In the months that followed, in a series of articles, writer and journalist Gbanabom Hallowell did not just describe the coup and its aftermath, he mapped out the intersections of complex More...forces pushing and pulling at his tiny nation: tribalism, colonialism, capitalism, generational disconnect, democracy, a badly managed military and personal ambition. These insightful and eminently hopeful articles are collected in Tears of the Sweet Peninsula. In this book, what had been newspaper pieces read by a small country have become one man's message to the world; a call to all mankind to make peace with its past and with itself. Mycket gott skick.

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