Archaeological Theory - An Introduction

Johnson Matthew
239 pages
Paperback 15x23 cm Blackwell Publishing 2004. Illustrated. Contents: List of Figures. Acknowledgements. Preface: The Contradictions of Theory. 1. Common Sense is Not Enought. 2. The New Archaeology. 3. Archaeology as a Science. 4. Testing, Middle-Range Theorya nd Ethnoarchaeology. 5. Culture as a System. 6. Looking at Thoughts. 7. Postporcessual and Interpretative Archaeologies. 8. Archaeology and Gender. 9. Archaeology and Evolution. 10. Archaeology and History. 11. Archaeology in a Postmodern World. 12. Conclusion: Conflict and Consensus. Selective Glossary. Further Reading. Bibliography. Index. Good condition.

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